Receive the recognition your company deserves through these élite branding opportunities to promote your company or your product. Take your presence at ATC into the entire meeting through branding that is sure to leave a lasting impression on meeting attendees and drive traffic to your booth.

Sponsorship Application

Have another idea that’s not listed here? We can work with you! Contact us to discuss: 

Company and Product Branding


Your large, colorful banner is displayed in the John B. Hynes Convention Center so it is visible to all ATC attendees. You provide the artwork promoting your company or product and ATC will produce the banner. Specific locations can be viewed and selected by contacting Melanie Ryan at

$20,000 per banner
Gobo Logo
Available for 4 days
Your company can display a custom company branded logo through a lighted lens. The light will be prominently projected via a “Gobo” projection light onto a wall in the Rotunda. Visible to attendees while riding the escalators to all three floors of the convention center.
$15,000 per day
Escalator Mats & Runners - SOLD
Exclusive Sponsorship

Display your branding on the escalators in the rotunda of the John B. Hynes Convention Center.  These are the escalators that all attendees will take throughout the day to access all sessions and the exhibit hall!

Wall Clings

Wall clings will be placed in prominent areas of the John B. Hynes Convention Center.  They will make a big impact in these spaces.  Specific locations can be viewed and selected by contacting Melanie Ryan at

$20,000 per cling

Branded Street Lights and Planters
This is a unique way to have your companies branding visible throughout the exhibit hall. These street lights and planters will be displayed in select aisles of the exhibit hall to create a warm, inviting feeling to the hall.  Each streetlight and planter will have space for the sponsoring company to place product or company branding.  Locations of the streetlights and planters will be determined by ATC.


Branded Cubes 
Place your branding on uniquely displayed cubes that will be placed in highly trafficked spaces of the John B. Hynes Convention Center.  Placement of the cubes will be determined by ATC. 


Column Wraps
Your large, colorful banner is wrapped around a column in the John B. Hynes Convention Center so it is visible to all ATC attendees.  You provide the artwork and we produce the wrap.  Specific locations can be selected by contacting Melanie Ryan at

$15,000 per wrap
Congress Notebook 
Exclusive Sponsorship

Distributed at registration, this handy 5 inch x 7 inch spiral-bound notebook includes a meeting-at-a-glance schedule and pages for notes. Recognition includes, company logo on the cover,  product branded advertisements (up to 5 pages) ahead of the notes pages.
Exhibit Aisle Signs 
Exclusive Sponsorship

This exclusive sponsorship includes your company or product logo and booth number on large format double-sided signage hanging below all the show aisle signs. Attendees will see your company logo and booth number from all directions as they are walking the show floor.
Floor Decals 

Floor decals grab attention and pinpoint your messaging as a steppingstone to your booth.  Distribute your branding in a specific area or throughout the hall.  Placements are first come, first served! Specific locations can be viewed and selected by contacting Melanie Ryan at

$7,500 (set of 2) 

Footprints on the exhibit floor are being offered as an advertising opportunity.  Stickers in the shape of footprints designed by the exhibitor draw attendees’ attention by letting them read the exhibitor’s name, but they also help lead them to the exhibit booth.  Limited to four exhibitors. 

Free-Standing Panels

Increase traffic to your booth when thousands pass by your advertisement strategically placed near meeting rooms throughout the convention center.  Placements are determined by ATC.


Turn your most recent ad into an illuminated lightbox, which will feature your custom artwork printed on plexiglass material that is lit from within, giving it an eye-catching glow!  Lightboxes are double-sided, approximately 3 feet wide by 8 feet tall and 1.5 feet deep.  Sponsors can display the same message on each panel or submit two unique messages, so attendees see a different message on each side.  (Includes production, installation, dismantle, and electric). Placements are determined by ATC.

$15,000 per box
Pocket Schedule
Exclusive Sponsorship

Always a popular support item, the pocket-sized schedule-at-a-glance will provide attendees with the entire meeting schedule, room locations, and a map exhibit hall.  Your company logo will be placed on the back cover for complete visibility throughout the entire Congress.  Pocket Schedules are available to attendees at registration check-in.

Waste Bin Covers

Do you have an environmental message or an ecofriendly product?  Sponsorship includes give 4-unit recycle bins (mixed paper, waste, bottles and cans, compost) that are strategically placed in common areas and on the exhibit floor. 

$5,000 per bin 
Hotel Key Cards 
Exclusive Sponsorship

The majority of attendees stay in the official hotels of ATC.  You are guaranteed to get more visibility than the competition; gain maximum exposure by putting a message directly in the hands of target audiences, advertise on a product that attendees keep with them throughout their stay, and assist in improving traffic to your exhibit booth. 



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