ATC attendees use the latest technologies to connect at the annual meeting. Choose an opportunity that puts your brand directly into attendees’ hands; through sponsorships such as WiFi and our Mobile App.

Sponsorship Application

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Virtual Platform - SOLD
Exclusive Sponsorship

Reach all in-person and virtual ATC attendees! Support of the virtual platform will be acknowledged in several places: 

  • Main page of ATC website where Virtual Connect link is listed
  • Log in page of Virtual Connect platform above the log in space
  • Acknowledged in ATC branding of the Daily Live Broadcast Emails

Mobile App  - SOLD
Exclusive Sponsorship

ATC utilizes a mobile application for all Congress programming. Your company logo will be strategically placed on the splash page of the mobile application that is viewed every time an attendee opens the application. Your company
name and description will also be displayed first in the exhibitor directory. Features of the application include all Congress programming and abstracts, inter-app messaging, exhibit floor plan and directory, and robust personalized itinerary planner. The mobile application will be available for download one month prior to the start of the Congress.

Over 90,000 Sponsor Splash Screen views in 2019!

Mobile App Upgraded Exhibitor Spot
Have your company highlighted on the mobile application in the exhibitor section. This will include your company name and your booth number. Enhance your visibility and company name with the utilizing the mobile application upgrade feature.

Convention Center WiFi - SOLD
Exclusive Sponsorship

Every time an attendee accesses the Wi-Fi within the John B. Hynes Convention Center, your logo will appear on the splash page.  Attendees will be utilizing the Wi-Fi even more than in previous years with expanded mobile app and the virtual platform available.

Charging Stations (Exclusive Support - Total of 8 Stations) 
Exclusive Sponsorship

Mobile device charging stations are one of the most popular services in the event industry today. A station that charges mobile devices quickly and conveniently can be available to ATC attendees from locations in high traffic areas throughout the John B. Hynes Convention Center.
Best in Congress Posters 
Exclusive Sponsorship

ATC will be showing the “Best in Congress” posters daily on an 80” plasma monitor.  The posters are selected by attendees daily, and then on display throughout the duration of the Congress.  This is a great educational offering where you can get exposure by sponsoring the display area where many attendees gather to view top posters presented.  Your company logo will be displayed on the viewing area.  Specific information on the full display area can be provided upon request. 

Cyber Cafe
Exclusive Sponsorship

This lounge is in the main entrance hall of the John B. Hynes Convention Center near exhibits and posters. This is a hub for attendees to have the opportunity to check in with their offices, family, and confirm flights at computer hubs.


Virtual Meeting Bag 
Exclusive Sponsorship

For the fourth year in a row, the ATC virtual meeting bag will provide your company access to attendees before, during, and after the Congress. The bag is a customized micro-site that brings sponsor-related messaging into one place. The site is web-based so there is no additional app to download and can be shared across many channels, including email, the mobile app, the Congress website, social media and more! The bag will be made available to registered attendees two weeks prior and up to one month after the Congress. The bag sponsor will be able to brand the micro-site background, and one insert is included. Reports on how many attendees clicked on your insert will be provided once the bag is closed. 

Over 6,500 bag views in 2018!


Virtual Meeting Bag Insert 
ATC virtual meeting bag inserts allow all attendees access to sponsor-related messaging two weeks prior and up to one month after the Congress. Take advantage of promoting your company brand, encouraging attendees to visit your exhibit booth and providing save-the-date material on your satellite symposium. Don’t miss out on this opportunity create more exhibit booth traffic and attendance at your symposium by engaging attendees before the Congress. Reports on how many attendees clicked on your insert will be provided once the bag is closed.
$1,500 per insert

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