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The Official Hashtag

When promoting your session(s) or posting about ATC on social media, remember to use the official hashtag for the 2022 ATC meeting in all of your posts:


Industry Hashtags

  • #ATC  #ASTS  #AST
  • #americantransplantcongress
  • #transplantation #transplant
  • #transplanttwitter
  • #science #research #abstract

Industry Handles

  • @ATCMeeting
  • @ASTSChimera
  • @AST_info
  • @amjtransplant

Important Links

When posting on social media be sure to include the following links:

Photography & Social Media Policy

The ATC welcomes attendees to take photographs during the event with personal mobile devices for non-commercial purposes. Live tweeting and sharing of meeting content (such as slides, posters, and exhibitor information) on social media as a way to share information is also permitted.

If a speaker does not wish to have his or her session or research photographed or shared via social networks, the speaker will make an announcement before the presentation.

The ATC strongly encourages compliance with speaker requests regarding photography, audio/video recording, livestreaming, and social media sharing.